Compounded Medications
What is a Compounding Pharmacy?
A compounding pharmacy can provide custom medications and formulations that fit the specific needs of an individual. Prior to the 1950’s, about 60 percent of pharmacies dispensed medications in this way. Hand-preparation of medications is the way all prescriptions were dispensed before the onset of large-scale manufacturing. After the 1950’s, pharmaceutical manufacturers produced a standard dose for everyone for a given medication. Today’s commercial pharmaceutical manufacturing process has produced medications that do not fit the needs of everyone, and are apt to contain other chemicals that can produce undesirable side effects.
Providing custom children’s’ medications that taste good is another benefit of a compounding pharmacy. This is a great relief for parents who have a difficult time getting their children to take a medicine that is distasteful. Moreover, giving a medication in a syrup form that would normally come only in a capsule or tablet can greatly help a patient that is unable to swallow a pill.
The many benefits of using a compounding pharmacy to create unique medications for each person can decrease side-effects, promote better health, and can be a superior solution than that of a commercial pharmacy.
Compounded Medications
The custom medications from a compounding pharmacy are prescribed by your physician. The physician prescribes the dose, proportion and route of administration of the medication and your compounding pharmacy makes it. A compounding pharmacist can also provide medications in different forms than the standard mass-produced forms. For example, if someone is unable to take a tablet, the medication can be dispensed in a suspension instead. In some pre-manufactured medications, preservatives and dyes are present which can be harmful to some people. A custom-made compounded medication eliminates this.
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) refers to the supplementation of naturally-occurring hormones that have become low in the body for a variety of reasons. Commonly replaced hormones are estrogens, progesterone and testosterone. Your doctor may prescribe one or more of these hormones to relieve negative symptoms of menopause or andropause. Both women and men may benefit from HRT, especially as they age. In addition to synthetic hormones, Allure Pharmacy also provides Bio-identical hormones, which are derived from soy and wild yams. Bio-identical hormones are plant hormones that are altered to exactly match the steroid hormones present in humans. These hormones are generally more effective and produce fewer side-effects than synthetic ones, which are not exactly identical to those in humans.
Allergies and Sensitivities
Many people are allergic to dyes and preservatives that are present in commercially-prepared pharmaceuticals. A compounding pharmacy will mix only the pertinent ingredients and eliminate any other unnecessary ingredients. Additionally, mass-produced medications have a one-size-fits-all formulation in which the strength may be too strong or too weak for the correct effect. If you are sensitive to a medication but can benefit from a smaller dose or a change of proportion in the medication, then a custom medication is preferable.
When children must take an oral medication, the flavor can make a difference in how difficult or easy it is for them to take it. At Allure Pharmacy we can provide custom flavoring in your child’s medication to the preference of your child. Flavors such as bubble-gum, cherry, grape, and tutti fruiti will make it fun and easy to take compared to the chemical taste in some commercial medications.